The marimba is a percussion instrument similar to the xylophone. Although it is hundreds of years old, it was only introduced into Western classical music in the XVI century. Nowadays the marimba can usually be seen and heard in contemporary pieces for percussion. There are (still) very few solo pieces for marimba, which maintains it yet unknown to the majority of people.


The marimba is usually played with four mallets, two in each hand, a feat that looks impossible for those watching. This way, the instrument of up to 5 octaves can be explored at its most.


The name marimba has its origin in the Kimbundu language, from Angola – another country that speaks Portuguese, like us. Because it is an instrument of magical timbres, whose name remains the same in most languages, and because it has a beautiful sound as a word itself, we thought that Marimba would be our ideal name.

Click here to meet the marimba in a video produced by the Marimba